January 2017 Project Clean Queue Update

So, my accountability partners, I’ve not been keeping up with these projects much at all, let alone posting about them. I ended up reworking my list a little for various reasons. Some projects did get finished, though. My plan is to do a project progress update on the first Friday of every month.


Revamped project list

My original list started taking a beating when the kids decided they wanted to start doing some sewing projects. Since they started doing the sewing projects that were set aside for them it hardly seemed fair for me to keep them on my list.

The list took another beating when I realized that several of my blankets were just on the list to use up my stash yarn. I took those off and I added one more blanket among other projects including some for organization. I may end up doing more cutting of projects or buying more yarn because I’m afraid some of the projects had their yarn taken away to start other projects.

The one blanket I added is a rainbow baby blanket. I really want to make one because I’m currently pregnant with a rainbow baby. For those that don’t know, a rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a miscarriage. Since I’ve been hesitating to plan for the pregnancy to go full term, I feel making a blanket will help me to really believe I’ll go full term.


Finished projects

Speaking of finishing things, I did finish some projects in December.


Ravenclaw Scarf

The Ravenclaw scarf wrapped like usually worn

The Ravenclaw scarf wrapped like usually worn

Pattern: First movies Harry Potter scarf from Not Your Average Crochet

Materials: Homespun in clouds and colonial (1 skein each)

My husband and I are big Harry Potter fans and we wanted to make some Harry Potter costumes, be they for Halloween or another dress-up event. As part of the costumes we wanted to have scarves in our house colors. If you’ll allow a fandom moment, Buddy’s a Ravenclaw and I’m a Slytherin.

The scarf was really easy to work up, which was nice because I needed a Christmas present for Buddy after the truck died and we got short on money. I got pretty jealous of how soft and warm it was, so I decided to change the yarn I was using for my Slytherin scarf to Homespun, too.

Ravenclaw scarf with the two sides parallel to show the pattern

Ravenclaw scarf with the two sides parallel to show the pattern


Cat Igloo

Pattern: Cat Igloo from Crochet! magazine Spring 2015 issue (also available on Annie’s search with this affiliate link:


Materials: Used scrap yarn (Red Heart Super Saver) that I’ve had since I first started crocheting. Was going to use the yarn for a blanket.

The kids and I were trying to find a present for our cat, and we’d settled on getting her a harness and leash since she likes to be outside so much. Then we second-guessed it because we knew she wasn’t going to get to use it for quite a while. Also, we knew she needed a way to stay a bit warmer on the really cold nights. I remembered this pattern and found it on Ravelry (it’s a paid pattern). That’s when I realized I had the magazine that had the pattern in it so I didn’t have to pay.

It was nice to use up yarn that is among the first skeins of yarn I ever bought. I bought them to make a blanket for us to put in our truck in the winter in case it broke down. Needless to say it never got done.

The igloo worked up quickly, though it hurt my hands a bit to work with it too much. The pattern called for a bulky, 5 yarn but I didn’t have it. I doubled up a couple strands of the Super Saver for each strand of yarn that the pattern called for. Using 2 strands at once turned into using 4 strands at once.

I like how it turned out. The more important thing is Oreo likes it.

Full shot of the cat igloo

Full shot of the cat igloo

A second shot of the whole igloo

A second shot of the whole igloo

This is the top of the cat igloo. I'd run out of my original colors, so the colors are different than the sides.

This is the top of the cat igloo. I’d run out of my original colors, so the colors are different than the sides.

A close up of the stitches on the side. Here I was using 4 strands of Red Heart Super Saver

A close up of the stitches on the side. Here I was using 4 strands of Red Heart Super Saver


Woven Basket

Pattern: Woven Basket from Crochet World magazine February 2016 issue

Materials: Red Heart Super Saver in Frosty Green (a.k.a. to me as Yoda Green), 1 skein (only used a little over half)

This is one of the projects I added when I revamped my list. I had the yarn lying around from my corner-to-corner blanket and I had at first planned on making a Yoda mixer cover for it. Then I found this pattern and I decided to use the yarn for this instead.

I’m rather proud of finishing this project. It was the first time I ever made a product from a magazine before the next issue of that magazine came out. I was eager to do this basket because I’ve been needing more yarn storage and this fit the bill. It worked up really quickly and was a nice, mindless project that I could do wherever I was. I’m going to be making several more. I didn’t do the flower the pattern called for.

My woven basket full of yarn for another, bigger basket I’m making, too.



That was it for this month. Have you finished some projects lately?

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