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It’s getting to be the end of December, so it’s time to plan out my 2017 Temperature Projects. I think I was a little over-ambitious this year, so I’m scaling back for next year. Instead of a shawl/wrap, I’m making a scarf. I’m still making a high/low blanket, but the motifs will be smaller.


If you need guidance in setting up your own temperature project, see my Demystifying Temperature Blankets series.


Temperature Scarf (just highs)

My shawl/wrap was still a little too wide to get one row done in a short time. So in 2017 I’m going to make the high row only project a scarf. To do so, I’ll make it 25 single crochet wide. I plan on putting in a row of black between months, but otherwise my length should be similar to this year’s. As for the stitch, I might mix things up some and do a moss stitch.


Temperature Blanket (highs & lows)

My 2016 temperature blanket will be massive. Add to that the fact that I’m still working on squares from March and some downsizing is necessary. I still like the idea of using both the high and low of each day, though.

I included my seam gauge for scale

I included my seam gauge for scale

My first solution is to make a smaller square. I made up my own square (pattern at the end) that ended up being about 3 3/4″ square. The resulting blanket won’t be quite so big as 2016’s. Due to how many squares I need in each row (15) I need 25 extra squares. I’ll do month divisions again, so that takes up 12 of them. Adding in birthdays (birthstone colors) and our anniversary (something with a heart for our 10th!) takes up another 8 of them. Make 1 square to put on the year and I have 4 left. The last 4 I appointed to be the start of each season.

Colors for each (RHSS):

  • Month divisions: All white
  • Birthdays (white outside): White w/ sparkle, Paddy Green, Pale Plum, Cherry Red, Blue
  • Anniversary: White w/ heart applique or 10
  • Year: White w/ 2017
  • Seasons: Sherbert Print (spring), Banana Berry (summer), Fall (fall), Shaded Dusk (winter)


2017 Color Scheme

The size of my projects isn’t the only thing I’m changing for next year. I’m also switching up my color scheme. I divided up my 80s so I could have a little more variety there. I also switched my two yellows to put my favorite of the two (Bright Yellow) on my favorite temperature range (the 70s). You’ll also notice I’ve added two greens to my lineup.

My new color scheme

My new color scheme

Project Updates

June 2017

February 2017

January 2017


Temperature Blanket Square Pattern

Hook: H hook (now all my projects use the same size!)

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in applicable colors


Round 1: In high color, chain 4 and join in first ch. Chain 2, 11 dc around. (12 dc w/ ch). DON’T TURN.

Round 2: Chain 2, 2 dc in each st around. Fasten off high color. (24 dc w/ ch 2)

Round 3: Join low color in any space, chain 2, 2 dc in same space, sk 2 dc, 3 dc in space between next 2 dcs, *sk 2 dc, 3 dc in space between next 2 dcs, ch 2, 3 dc in same space (corner made)**, (sk 2 dc, 3 dc in space between next 2 dcs) twice, repeat from * three times, ending the last repeat at **, join to starting chain. Fasten off.


High 30s, Low 20s

High 30s, Low 20s; I started mine in the corner unlike the pattern I wrote out


If you need guidance in setting up your own temperature project, see my Demystifying Temperature Blankets series.


Are you doing a 2017 temperature blanket or scarf? Leave a note in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “2017 Temperature Projects (Pattern included)

  • Susan DeMeulenaere

    I just found out about temperature blankets from the Lion website. What a great idea! I like the thought of using black between months; better contrast. I’m in Michigan, lots of temp variations. Periwinkle today, not too cold. Thanks for the great project!


    I’m doing a temperature blanket this year, also. But I am doing a four-round granny square. The center will be the low temp of the day. The middle two rounds will be for the type of day (rain, clear, snow, etc – different color for each but also different from all the rest). And then on holidays, one of those two rounds will be a different color. Then the outer round, round 4, will be the high temp of the day. I’m using Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn. I just went to Michael’s today for all the yarn since it was B1G1.

  • Suzanne

    I am just getting set up to start my first temperature blanket….mine is a little different, as I have chosen pastels with just a couple brightens kicks. I want to use it as a bed blanket, and did not want knock your socks off colors…and since I live in Louisiana, there is lots of hot, and also didn,t want huge thick stripes of orange, or what most people use for the 80s and 90s….but I have a question for you…making a starting chain 90 inches wide is not a problem..,…BUT WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU DO WITH A 160 inch LONG blanket??!! 😮

    • Margaret M. Post author

      That sounds like a neat color scheme for your blanket.
      I know that’s a pretty long blanket, too long for some. But for me my blankets never seem long enough so the longer they are the better. It’s personal preference really.
      If you don’t like such a long blanket (I totally get it if you don’t) then maybe you can use a 3 weight yarn. I don’t know if it ever really gets blanket cold in Louisiana, so that might help, too, in that it wouldn’t get too warm.

      Good luck with your blanket!