Demystifying Temperature Blankets Featured
Welcome to the final installment of my Demystifying Temperature Blankets series in which I’ll be discussing how to pick your stitch and/or pattern. If you missed Part One and Part Two, be sure to read those, too. I’ll be assuming you’ve already read them.   Decision Time Before you start […]

Demystifying Temperature Blankets, Part Three

Demystifying Temperature Blankets Featured
Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. Welcome to the second installment of my Demystifying Temperature Blankets series! In our last post we made a temperature range for our project. In this installment we’re going to look at how to pick out the materials, be they yarn or fabric.   Yarn […]

Demystifying Temperature Blankets, Part Two

Demystifying Temperature Blankets Featured 3
Demystifying Temperature Blankets Series Introduction Temperature blankets are very popular right now and I believe some need more guidance in starting their project. To help fill this need, I am beginning a three part series called “Demystifying Temperature Blankets.” I hope the series can help those looking to start a […]

Demystifying Temperature Blankets, Part One

The complete shawl as of the end of July 2016
I’ve really been struggling to keep up with my temperature projects, so I haven’t written recently. This update covers July all the way through October because I missed one update at the end of August. It doesn’t seem like my blog is being a good accountability partner. 🙂   A […]

Temperature Project Update (July-October 2016)

This is the first project in the class.
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read my affiliate policy here.   The theme for I Love Yarn Day 2016 is Stitch it Forward. We yarn-crafters are supposed to help others learn our crafts so they can love yarn as much as we do. I’ve been a little busy and […]

Annie’s Learn to Crochet Class Review

The setup is big, but can be moved out of the way. This one was temporary.
On August 20th I had the privilege of taking a class taught by Michael Fortune called Photographing Your Work. It was a one-day class at Marc Adams School of Woodworking. I took the class to be better prepared to take nice pictures of Buddy’s work in the shop. I think […]

Photographing Your Work with Michael Fortune

A close up of the Riverstone colorway
It’s time for another yarn review! I plan on doing a yarn review on the second Sunday of every month. This month’s yarn is Red Heart’s Heart & Sole yarn.   Yarn Basics Heart & Sole is a new yarn by Red Heart, but it’s also an “improved” (their word) […]

Yarn Review: Heart & Sole Yarn

The center of the flame square
A few months ago I found out that Tamara Kelly on the Moogly blog is doing a crochet-along (CAL) afghan. She’s posting a new square every two weeks that’s designed by a different designer each time. The plan is to make each square, then join them together into an afghan at […]

Moogly CAL 2016

End of June 2016
General Observation In mid-May I realized that I perhaps should have used the daytime high instead of the recorded high for my blanket and shawl. On May 14th the recorded high was 61 while the daytime high was 48. We reached 61 at midnight and the temperature went down from […]

Temperature Project Update (May & June 2016)

Excuse the mess, but a couple shelves of my craft closet
A Confession We’ve been cleaning and organizing at our house lately. This includes my craft area. I’ve known I have a lot of materials, both yarn and fabric, sitting around waiting to be used but I wasn’t aware how much. It’s been spread out (and still is) and now I’m […]

A confession and a new project

Temp shawl close-up 2
I’ve been delayed in my posts because of several reasons. The first was that Buddy took a finishing class at Marc Adams School for Woodworking. The second was our local homeschool convention. The third was that I hadn’t really done anything with my temperature projects for most of the month. […]

Temperature Projects Update (April 2016)

The finished product 2
I happened upon Shawl in a Ball on Yarn Supply’s website ( a month or so ago and was intrigued, so I added what was apparently the only color available (Soothing Blue) to my cart.   What pattern should I use? I initially found a pattern on Lion Brand’s website that I […]

Yarn Review: Shawl in a Ball

Where to tr down on later tr down row
My first foray into this (at least the first one I’m blogging about) is learning the Apache Tears stitch. I read a tutorial at Sarah London’s blog (check it out for more variations on the stitch) and started in on planning my project. I wanted my version to be thinner and shorter than the tutorial’s […]

Free Apache Tears Coasters Pattern