Welcome to the final installment of my Demystifying Temperature Blankets series in which I’ll be discussing how to pick your stitch and/or pattern. If you missed Part One and Part Two, be sure to read those, too. I’ll be assuming you’ve already read them.   Decision Time Before you start […]

Demystifying Temperature Blankets, Part Three

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. Welcome to the second installment of my Demystifying Temperature Blankets series! In our last post we made a temperature range for our project. In this installment we’re going to look at how to pick out the materials, be they yarn or fabric.   Yarn […]

Demystifying Temperature Blankets, Part Two

Demystifying Temperature Blankets Series Introduction Temperature blankets are very popular right now and I believe some need more guidance in starting their project. To help fill this need, I am beginning a three part series called “Demystifying Temperature Blankets.” I hope the series can help those looking to start a […]

Demystifying Temperature Blankets, Part One

NOTE: I wrote this in December 2015, so “this year” means 2015. My 2017 temperature projects are described here. Happy reading! It’s getting close to the end of the year again, which means my mind is turning to trying to do a temperature blanket again. I tried one this year […]

Crocheted Temperature Blanket

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. See my affiliate policy here.)   Part of my goal with this blog is pushing myself to expand my crafting boundaries by learning new crafts or techniques within those crafts. The Spring 2016 issue of Crochet! magazine (put out by Annie’s) had an article about […]

Learning to Bead Crochet

This month I’m reviewing the Serenity Active yarn from the Deborah Norville line of yarns.   Yarn Basics Serenity Active is a Premier Yarns product Wash instructions: machine washable and dryable Colors: White, Black, Royal, Purple, Grey, Emerald, Red, Yellow, Bright Pink, Taupe, Teal, Dark Grey Category 6 Super Bulky […]

Yarn Review: Deborah Norville Serenity Active

I fell off of working on my projects partially through the month. Luckily my scarf is small enough it was easy to get up to date. I kept up with writing down my readings, except for one day. I had to go looking elsewhere for a reading for that day. […]

February 2017 Temperature Project Update

I’ve still been working on my clean queue projects, just not as much as I’d like. Daily life, a custom order, and projects for the blog have also been taking my time. I did finish one project that I added last minute out of need. Progress was also made on […]

Project Clean Queue February 2017 Update

(Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links. See my affiliate policy here.)   This month’s yarn review is on Plymouth’s Linaza yarn. I was excited to try this yarn. That’s all I’ll give away about my opinion of it for now. Yarn Basics Linaza is created by Plymouth Yarn Wash instructions: Hand wash, lay […]

Yarn Review: Plymouth Linaza

So, my accountability partners, I’ve not been keeping up with these projects much at all, let alone posting about them. I ended up reworking my list a little for various reasons. Some projects did get finished, though. My plan is to do a project progress update on the first Friday […]

January 2017 Project Clean Queue Update

I made sure to work on my temperature projects this month because I don’t want to have my 2016 projects hanging too far into 2017. I’ve made a plan to get the 2016 projects done (hopefully!) by the end of January. The anniversary blanket can’t be finished until later this […]

January 2017 Temperature Project Update

It’s getting to be the end of December, so it’s time to plan out my 2017 Temperature Projects. I think I was a little over-ambitious this year, so I’m scaling back for next year. Instead of a shawl/wrap, I’m making a scarf. I’m still making a high/low blanket, but the […]

2017 Temperature Projects (Pattern included)

I haven’t done a yarn review in a few months, but I’m not missing this month. This month’s yarn is Bernat’s Maker Home Dec yarn.   Yarn Basics Maker Home Dec is created by Bernat (a company under the Yarnspirations umbrella of companies) Wash instructions: Machine wash in cool water, delicate […]

Yarn Review: Bernat Maker Home Dec

I’ve really been struggling to keep up with my temperature projects, so I haven’t written recently. This update covers July all the way through October because I missed one update at the end of August. It doesn’t seem like my blog is being a good accountability partner. 🙂   A […]

Temperature Project Update (July-October 2016)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read my affiliate policy here.   The theme for I Love Yarn Day 2016 is Stitch it Forward. We yarn-crafters are supposed to help others learn our crafts so they can love yarn as much as we do. I’ve been a little busy and […]

Annie’s Learn to Crochet Class Review

On August 20th I had the privilege of taking a class taught by Michael Fortune called Photographing Your Work. It was a one-day class at Marc Adams School of Woodworking. I took the class to be better prepared to take nice pictures of Buddy’s work in the shop. I think […]

Photographing Your Work with Michael Fortune