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I’m Margaret McLaren. This blog is my little corner of the internet. It’s a perfect place for me to talk about one of my favorite things, crafting!

I live in the hills of Brown County, Indiana with my husband (Buddy), our four daughters, and our cat. Buddy and I are the co-owners and co-crafters of McLaren Family Crafts. We live fifteen minutes northeast of Nashville, Indiana and half an hour west of Columbus, Indiana. My non-crafting hobbies include playing French horn, gardening, reading, and amateur (ham) radio. It’s not a hobby, but I like to spend a lot of time outside.

Crafting has been an off and on presence for my entire conscious life. As a child my grandma taught me how to knit. I eventually lost those skills, though I’ve tried to re-learn them recently. As a young adult, my crafting interests were latch hooking and cross stitching. The last cross stitch project I finished was of one of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Buddy and I and a group we were a part of (the Crossroads of America Scout Band) took a trip there, which is where I bought the kit. I still enjoy both crafts when I have the time. There’s not a lot of that, though, which is why I’m still working on projects I started in high school. That’s getting farther away every year.

But I digress. After getting married to my best friend, Buddy, and having our first child, I decided to teach myself crochet from a book I bought. The first few projects I made were hardly noteworthy. I’ve come a long way since then, practicing over the years by creating blankets and scarves a-plenty for our kids, for us adults, and for extended family members. Crocheting is by far my favorite craft. I’ve gotten pretty good at it and it always cheers me up to have a hook in my hand and a project in my lap. I then started to learn to sew (on the sewing machine and a little by hand) a couple years ago, but I’ve only recently had a chance to improve my skills. I need lots of improvement on sewing clothing, especially since I haven’t had much practice. At the moment I prefer to make things like pillows and bags. Within the last year, I’ve been excited to start to learn the art of hand piecing and hand quilting.

As if these weren’t enough crafts for me, I also have begun to help Buddy out in the shop a little after years of being an armchair woodworker.

So now that you know a little more about me, I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog, like us on Facebook, and/or follow our Pinterest page. Then you can read more of my crafting adventures and perhaps learn along with me. See you around!

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