June 2017 Temperature Project Update 2

I’ve been working really hard to finish my temperature shawl from last year. I’m focusing on that one because it’s my keystone project and the closest to being done. I ran out of a couple colors this month, so I had to stop working on it for a little bit. Luckily I could still work on my other projects in the meantime. Read on to see where I am in each one.


2016 Temperature Shawl

Original Project

I managed to make it through almost half of October before I ran out of my 60s yarn (Bright Yellow). I’m excited because I’m almost to the end of this massive project. I hope to get it done soon so I can weigh it and estimate how much yarn I used. Since it’s so hot now I had to find some way to keep this project from smothering me. To help, I rolled it up to make it more manageable and less hot to work with.

End of September


2016 Temperature Blanket

Original Project

I finished a row on this blanket, bringing my finished rows to 5 out of 20. The newest row will be attached to the other rows at a later date. High temperatures and a sleeping baby in my lap prevent me from doing that now. To help with my motivation and organization I made up a chart to help me keep track of which days I’ve made a square for and where they’re supposed to go. This was in part because I had to stop making squares with 60s (Bright Yellow) and 30s (Light Periwinkle) because I used up all the yarn I had for those temperature ranges.

March 14th to Apr 1st


Anniversary Blanket

Original Project

I got to the 6 month mark of our first year! I’ll really have to get moving to get it done anywhere close to our 10th anniversary this year.

First Year First Six Months


2017 Temperature Blanket

Original Project

I had to recompute this project some. One change was made because our new baby was born in March, not in April like we were planning. That meant I needed to choose a new birthstone color for her. I also made up a chart for this blanket to keep track of progress and where each square was going. This project was also affected by the Great Yarn Shortage of 2017, but I didn’t let that stop me. I really want to be caught back up, maybe even by the end of June! (A girl can dream, right?)

Jan to Feb 4th


2017 Temperature Scarf

Original Project

This project is the one that is the closest to being up to date. I’ve been keeping it as current as possible. Well, trying to. When I forget, which is often for me, I can quickly catch up because the rows are so short.

End of February

End of March

End of April


That’s it for this update!


How are your temperature projects coming?

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2 thoughts on “June 2017 Temperature Project Update

  • Rosemary Christiansen

    my temperature blanket I am working through March, and it is now June.
    I need to get on with it a bit more. Often when I get the time eg night time I am tired need get on with it and perhaps do some in the afternoon when I take a rest.
    Your article is a good reminder and motivator. thanks.

    Do I need to tick notify by mail if I already am being notified?

    • Margaret M. Post author

      We’re behind together! We’ll eventually get them done. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to get things done. I try to do things at random spare moments because they add up after a while. The key word there is try. 🙂

      You’ll need to check the boxes if you want to get notified for this post and this comment. You’d have to do it for each comment or post that you want to be notified about. If you want you can just read it online, though. The notifications are just for replies and comments.