Yarn Review: Deborah Norville Serenity Active

This month I’m reviewing the Serenity Active yarn from the Deborah Norville line of yarns.


Black, Grey, and Emerald

Yarn Basics

Serenity Active is a Premier Yarns product

Wash instructions: machine washable and dryable

Colors: White, Black, Royal, Purple, Grey, Emerald, Red, Yellow, Bright Pink, Taupe, Teal, Dark Grey

Category 6 Super Bulky

Content: 70% polyester, 30% acrylic

Weight: 4.9 oz/140 g

Length: 77 yds/84 m

Comes in a center pull skein

I bought my yarn at Yarn Supply (if you’d like to sign up for their rewards program, use this link)

Black, Grey, and Emerald


Testing the Serenity Active yarn

Since the yarn was a chunky yarn, it seemed natural to test the yarn by making a hat (Puff Stitch hat pattern). Once I finished making the hat I had a lot of leftover yarn, which always bothers me. To use up the extra yarn I made a cowl, too (Puff Stitch cowl pattern). I used three skeins of yarn total to make both, though I didn’t do the second repeat on the cowl pattern. I did so because I was running out of grey, but it worked out to better sizing, too. Speaking of the colors, it amused me that I bought Slytherin-like colors without meaning to.

The yarn is fairly easy to work with. I’m not sure what I was doing, but my wedding ring kept catching on the yarn every now and then and frizzing it. It was a bit disappointing because my newly finished projects already looked a little rough around the edges.

It’s a nice and soft yarn. The yarn wicks away moisture from your skin, according to the manufacturer. It is very warm, but I’ve not been able to test out the wicking away claim. I’d highly recommend the yarn if you want super warm winter weather accessories.

My finished hat

My finished cowl


What’s your go-to winter accessory yarn?

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