February 2017 Temperature Project Update

I fell off of working on my projects partially through the month. Luckily my scarf is small enough it was easy to get up to date. I kept up with writing down my readings, except for one day. I had to go looking elsewhere for a reading for that day. My weather station doesn’t remember a day’s high and low past midnight.


2016 Temperature Shawl

Original Project

I only did a couple days of September 2016, but I hope to have it finished by the end of the month. Since I don’t plan on doing an edging that should be the end of it.

End of June 2016

2016 Temperature Blanket

Original Project

I didn’t work on this project any more this month. I plan on finishing it by the end of March. Finishing it by the end of February is an unattainable goal with all my projects going on.

My progress so far on the next row of motifs for the 2016 Temperature blanket


Anniversary Blanket

Original Project

Unfortunately I didn’t work on this project either.

The laundry basket I bought and labeled for our anniversary blanket

2017 Temperature Blanket

Original Project

I did get quite a few squares done on this blanket. Once I ran into the problem of sharing yarn skeins that I had last year I had an idea. Thanks to my new yarn winder (Christmas present from kids) and kitchen scale I split each skein in half by weight. I made a cake out of each skein until the skein weighed half as much. Then I made another cake out of the rest of the skein. Now I can keep working on each project even if they use the same color.

The first seven days of 2017

January month & first three days’ squares


2017 Temperature Scarf

Original Project

I got through the end of January on my scarf. I just got my black month division yarn so I’ll be able to start work on February soon. It was really nice to be able to catch up so quickly on this project. I’ll definitely be doing an edging to tie up all these ends. The moss stitch is turning out to be a nice stitch.

Start of 2017 scarf

January 2017 Temperature scarf

Close up of January 2017


How are your temperature projects going?

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