Yarn Review: Plymouth Linaza

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This month’s yarn review is on Plymouth’s Linaza yarn. I was excited to try this yarn. That’s all I’ll give away about my opinion of it for now.

Oooh the anticipation!

Yarn Basics

Linaza is created by Plymouth Yarn

Wash instructions: Hand wash, lay flat to dry

Colors: Cream, Black, Steel, Pumpkin, Pine, Magenta, Robins Egg, Sapphire, Red, Aubergine, Taupe, Peapod, Saffron

Category 2 Sport weight

Content: 50% alpaca, 25% linen, 25% Tencel

Weight: 100 g

Length: 440 yards

Comes in a hank

Where I bought my yarn: Shop Interweave Store

A close up of the end of the hank

Testing the Linaza Yarn

I bought a hank of the Pine color yarn. I used the Jasmine Cowl pattern from the Summer 2016 issue of Crochet! magazine (available for purchase from Annie’s Crochet Patterns catalog). The pattern is a nice one, once I got past the foundation single crochet, which I had never done before, and the first few rows. I especially like that it specifically called for the yarn I’m covering.

Now to test driving the yarn. This yarn was my first hank ever. I didn’t have a swift or a winder so I had quite the experience winding it into a ball I could work from.

This was my setup to wind the yarn

The yarn all balled up and ready to use

The yarn is interesting to work with. It has lots of stray fibers hanging off of it, which made it somewhat hard to work. I kept thinking that some hair had gotten stuck to the yarn. That aspect aside, it was an easy yarn to work with.

The finished product was a little scratchy for my tastes, but it didn’t seem to bother our oldest daughter any. It does look nice so I would probably wear it with a turtleneck. Perhaps it’ll soften up with washing. In our house, it’s a matter of when, not if, something needs to be washed.

The finished cowl



Have you experienced Linaza yarn?

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