Yarn Review: Heart & Sole Yarn

It’s time for another yarn review! I plan on doing a yarn review on the second Sunday of every month. This month’s yarn is Red Heart’s Heart & Sole yarn.


The yarn of the hour!

The yarn of the hour!

Yarn Basics

Heart & Sole is a new yarn by Red Heart, but it’s also an “improved” (their word) version of another yarn sold under the Heart & Sole name. As you may guess from the name, this is a sock yarn.

Wash instructions: machine wash warm, gentle cycle; lay flat to dry; don’t bleach or iron

Colors: 13 colors, 5 solid (Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Ivory, Purple), 8 varigated (Bayou, Denimy, Jellybeans, Lakehouse, Riverstone, Skyscraper, Sorbeto, Victorian)

Category 1 yarn

Content: 73% wool, 27% nylon

Weight: 1.76 oz (50 g)

Length: 187 yd (171 m)

Comes in a center pull/outside in ball


All of my yarn without labels

All of my yarn without labels

Testing the Heart & Sole Yarn

I’m not quite ready to tackle socks yet, so I found a pattern (Happy-Go-Lacy Shawl) on their website for a wrap. The pattern was easy to memorize so it was easy to carry around and work on at odd moments. They have other patterns, including sock patterns, if this one wasn’t to your liking

I picked the Riverstone colorway for my wrap.

A close up of the Riverstone colorway

A close up of the Riverstone colorway

The pattern I picked takes 3 balls of the yarn, of which I used all but a very little bit. Since I don’t like having a lot of yarn left over after a project the pattern worked really well for me. I bought my yarn from Red Heart’s website because Yarn Supply didn’t have it. You can also buy it online at Knitting Warehouse.

Heart & Sole yarn wrap

My finished Happy-Go-Lacy “Shawl” (wrap)

The yarn wasn’t rough and I think it would make a comfortable pair of socks. It was easy to work with as it didn’t split, though I was using a rather big hook for this yarn. I would definitely use it again. I plan on trying out socks later this year and some socks made from this yarn are on my list. I’ll come back and update this if I do end up making them.



How do you use sock weight yarn?



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